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LONDON (Reuters) - American author George Saunders has won the 2017 Man Booker Prize, a high-profile literary award, for his first novel, "Lincoln in the Bardo," - a fictional account of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln burying his young son.

10/18/2017 3:07:14 AM

LONDON (Reuters) - A new exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book's publication is offering 'muggles' with an interest in magic the chance to view rare memorabilia, combined with historic artifacts referenced in the popular series.

10/18/2017 11:20:58 AM

PARIS (Reuters) - In the end it was just too kinky for the Louvre.

10/17/2017 1:23:31 PM

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The world is closer to the dark days of the 1930s than at any time since, Canadian author Margaret Atwood said on Saturday in Frankfurt, where she was due to receive a prestigious German literary award.

10/14/2017 5:58:55 PM

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The impoverished family of Australia's most famous Aboriginal artist, Albert Namatjira, has been given copyright to his works after years of fruitless campaigning triggered the intervention of a philanthropist.

10/14/2017 2:59:34 AM

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The last known privately owned painting by Leonardo da Vinci is going up for auction. But it will probably go back into private hands because no museum can afford the price. "Salvator Mundi" is likely to sell for more than a $100 million.

10/18/2017 2:41:00 PM

Malinda Lo's new book sets up a classic conflict — townie kids versus prep schoolers — and adds nuanced queer characters. Despite a flawed second half, A Line in the Dark has much to offer.

10/18/2017 8:00:15 AM

The Irish novelist is known for his sense of humor — but his latest, about a man abused in his youth by Catholic priests, is distressing and at times almost unbearable. It's also his best book yet.

10/18/2017 5:00:15 AM

It's the second year in a row that an American writer has taken home the prestigious literary award.

10/17/2017 3:18:00 PM

Kate Winkler Dawson's new book chronicles The Great Smog of 1952, when moist air from the Gulf Stream stalled for days over London, mixing with poisonous gases and causing more than 12,000 deaths.

10/17/2017 12:41:13 PM